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Dry Fusion

Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

• Cleans
• Stainblocks
• Heat dries
• Deodorises
……your carpet in one process

We Guarantee carpets will be dry within 30 minutes

What Is Dry Fusion ?

Dry Fusion is the only carpet cleaning system that heat cleans, deodorises, stain protects then heat dries all types of synthetic and natural carpets, carpet tiles, oriental rugs and is Woolsafe approved. It’s all in the same process, and because it is patented, nobody else can use this amazing system of cleaning. By taking all the best features of hot water extraction (hot solution, “Shot of Steam”), the best features of dry cleaning (low moisture, mechanical agitation) and combining them together with the patented hot cleaning pad system that constantly heats the fibres as they are being cleaned – you have some of the most outstanding results ever seen.

Three unique mechanisms work to keep Dry Fusion cleaned carpet virtually stain free to maintain that just cleaned look longer. First a Fluorocarbon Resin places an invisible protective shield over every fibre during the cleaning process. It helps prevent dry grit, dust as well as spills lodging within the carpet. Even walked in mud and oily spills have difficulty seeping in because the fibre is effectively “non stick”. Secondly a unique stain blocking additive helps block dye sites in the fibre that normally allow food spills and beverages becoming permanent stains.. Thirdly a “shot of steam” is used to remove deep seated stains without the need for aggressive cleaning solutions that can damage the carpet fibres.

The end result is a clean, deodorise and protected carpet that is DRY, 30 MINUTES after cleaning GUARANTEED.

Due to it’s whisper quiet equipment, Dry Fusion can be operated in noise sensitive environments such as communal flats, call centres, care homes, hotels etc;.

Recommended by leading carpet manufacturers, Dry Fusion has been fully tested and approved for cleaning textile floor coverings in some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings.

All Fibre Safety

Dry Fusion uses innovative technology that removes the heaviest soils from the fibre at a neutral pH. A neutral pH is approved by all carpet fibre manufacturers and avoids the use of high alkaline cleaning solutions that can damage the face fibre of the floor covering..

Activator The Chemical

Our research into the area of fluoro surfactants, fluro stain protectors and polymer stain blocking resins has enabled us to give you a system that removes more stains than any other dry or wet method as well as to increase stain and soil protection. Activator contains a natural vanilla and orange deodoriser that leaves a clean, fresh fragrance within the carpet fibres.


For cleaning heavily soiled and greasy carpets a specially developed pre-spray called Restore is applied prior to the application of the normal Dry Fusion process. An attachment called the “Restore Brush” is then used to agitate the solution into the fibres to assist in the deep cleaning.


For healthcare, sporting facilities, day care and at home you can apply Bactoshield in the same manner as Activator, except that it has a more powerful cleaning and sanitising action to deal with the type of stains found in healthcare and child care centres. Oily linaments, medicines, crayons and make-up; even traffic lane yellowing on carpet tiles and olefin fibre is removed more easily. Bactoshield complies with BS and EN to remove 99% of all bacteria including MRSA, E Coli and Listeria from soiled floorcoverings.

Healthcare and sporting facilities are notorious for resistant odours like urine, vomit and body odour. Bactoshield removes ammonia and even pet smells.

Pure Fusion

Pure Fusion has been developed specifically for use with the Dry Fusion system on synthetic carpets within the commercial office sector. Pure Fusion is odour-free and can be used in areas that may be sensitive to perfumes such as 24 hour call centers. An anti-soil and anti-static protection is applied during the cleaning process to prevent against premature re-soiling and static within the carpet. Pure Fusion has all the characteristics of the existing Dry Fusion approved cleaning solutions.

Pure Fusion is classified as non-hazardous and is not regarded as a health or environmental hazard under current legislation.

Pure Fusion contains:

No    Toxic or hazardous chemicals.

No    Enzymes.

No     Detergents – it will not leave behind shampoo or detergent residues.

No     Optical brighteners.

No     Bleaching agents.

No     Perfumes- it is completely odour free.

No     Aggressive Alkalis

Environmental Concerns

Dry Fusion uses 95% less water than the normal system of cleaning, produces no waste product, uses non hazardous and biodegradable cleaning solutions and all packaging and materials within the Dry Fusion can be recycled. A true green product to protect and preserve the environment.

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